$5 For Freedom is a simple and inexpensive way to raise funds for your Republican party to achieve goals and win wars. How???

There are 33,440 registered Republicans in Douglas County as of 6/6/2024. Let’s say that we get just one out of five of those conservatives to participate in $5 for Freedom. That’s 6,688 conservatives X $5 = $33,44 per month X 12 months = $401,280 annually.

Dreaming? Maybe, but if we just got one out of fivewould most likely make Douglass County the most influential Republican County in the state in having the financial means to challenge the status quo. it 

What are those immediate challenges? Here are three…

  • Electing Republicans to every position from County School Boards to City Councils to the County Commision. Stopping the madness of the WOKE agenda in every facet of our government.
  • Helping turn Oregon Red! Presently the Democrat party leadership is running the legislature and therefore quickly feeding the governor’s office with bad bills like HB 2002, child mutilation, HB 2005, gun control bills, bills that will kill our agriculture and farming; bills that outlaw automobiles with internal combustion engines, and many more that steal liberty from the people. We have a plan to change this and to support getting Republicans in every legislative and congressional position we can in the 2024 election. The goal is for Republicans to take control of the US Presidency, the US House of Representatives, and the State offices, starting with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Treasure. Next is to take control of the Oregon State House of Representatives by electing 31 people to the House.
  • Moving our elections to precinct voting, paper ballots, hand counting, no machines. Our current system was designed by the Democrats for cheating and new facets to commit cheating have been added at almost every cycle. .  BUT, we can change that!  If YOU ALL GET OUT AND VOTE!  YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER!  The only time your vote does not matter, is when you fail to cast it!  DON’T LET THAT BE YOU!

These are just some of the changes $5 a month, the cost of a double espresso, will bring about.

Remember the “80/20 Rule”. 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Becoming “one out of five” makes you the “Twenty” that gets things done!

The Oregon political tax credit is a no-cost way to support the Douglas County Republican Central Committee. When you make a donation anytime during the year can get the full amount back on next year’s taxes — up to $50 for single tax filers or $100 for couples filing taxes together. Consult your tax advisor for income limits and other details.

Please consider helping your Republican Party get things done by signing up for $5 for Freedom!!!