Make Oregon Great Again Event!


At the Central Point Expo
Saturday, June 22, 2024

Dear Fellow Patriots,
Are you fed up with the mainstream media’s agenda overpowering our voices?  Join us at MOGA 2024, a transformative event championing conservative values.

Buy your tickets here for the Make Oregon Great Again Event on June 22, 2024!

Event Details:
– Date: June 22nd
– Start: 9:00 AM (doors open) – 7:00 PM (approximately)
– Location: Jackson County Expo

– Mike Lindell, My Pillow CEO: A leading advocate for election integrity and vocal opponent of cancel culture, sharing his vision for a secure America.
– Andy Pollack: A dedicated advocate for school safety who turned personal tragedy into a nationwide campaign to protect our children.
– John Lott: From the Crime Prevention Research Center, presenting crucial facts about crime that the mainstream media ignores.
– Dave Duquette: From Western Justice, shedding light on the critical legal challenges facing our law enforcement.
– Donna Kreitzberg & Sarah Phillips: Discussing strategies to instill conservative values in our communities and youth, ensuring a future of freedom and strength.

Expect inspiring speeches, valuable networking, and an atmosphere of change. The day concludes with a concert by Nashville artist Mark Mackay!

United we stand. See you at MOGA 2024!

Warm regards,

Randell Embertson
Executive Chair
Jackson County Republican Party

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