Volunteers & PCPs


A PCP is a Precinct Committee Person

It is the role of the Precinct Committee Person (PCP) to represent the Republican Party at the grassroots level for fellow registered Republican voters in the PCP’s respective precinct. You are the heart and soul of the Oregon Republican Party. You are the backbone of the county’s success.

As a PCP YOU are the most important person in the Republican Party. You have the power to direct the outcome of elections to ensure the values of Republicans are reflected in public policy and political office.

Major Activities:

  • Stay politically knowledgeable of city, county, state, and national political issues.
  • Attend and participate in County Central Committee meetings.
  • Elect county party leadership and delegates to the State Conventions and State Central Committee meetings.
  • Vote on official party business and resolutions of local concern.

More About What is a Precinct Committee Person, also known as PCP?
Per ORS.248.015 (1) states ”A precinct committee person shall be a representative of the major political party in the precinct.” A PCP is a link between the political party and the voters in a local election district.

As a PCP you represent your Precinct to the Douglas County Republican Party.

Who can be a precinct committee person:
ORS 248.015 (4) “A member of the major political party who has been a member of that party for 180 days before the (May) Primary Election may be elected…”

How long is the commitment?
PCPs are elected every two years, this occurs on the even years, during the May Primary Election. This is a way to get involved in your party, and your community without a long-term commitment.

The PCP Facts
• One PCP for every 250 voters, with a minimum of 2 PCP’s per precinct.
• Date to calculate the number of PCP’s per precinct is 251 days before the May Primary Election. (occurred on September 13, 2023)
• First day to file is 250 days before the May Primary Election. (began on September 14, 2023)
• Currently 351 total positions available per major political party.
• A detailed list of seats available per precinct is online at Open Public Offices.
• Person can file in their resident precinct, or adjacent precinct, or any precinct in their State Representative (House) District, within the same county.
• Write-in votes will only be tallied if declaration or nomination forms have been filed by the deadline.
• A minimum of 3 votes is still required to be elected to a PCP seat, by write-in.
• If there is a full docket (number of filed candidates equal to the number seats available), write-in votes must exceed that of a filed candidate’s votes (possible, but rare)

You Can Make a Difference

Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) are the heart and soul of the Oregon Republican Party. PCPs are the most basic level of elected partisan office in the state and form the backbone of the county Republican organizations.

PCPs get their name from the geographic boundaries known as “precincts” which are determined by the state and county.  A precinct is the smallest geographical unit whose boundaries are determined by the state election laws.  Prior to the existence of vote-by-mail in Oregon, precincts were the boundaries of an area in which voters could go to a polling place and cast their ballot. 

Elections are won or lost in the precinct! Therefore, a viable precinct organization with the priority being to elect Republican candidates is imperative.

If the Republican Party is to continue to grow, year-round effort is required both in election years and in “off” years. Involvement in this effort will lead to immeasurable rewards. It is not easy, but it can be fun!

The success of the Party Organization rests primarily on precinct chairpersons. Your ultimate job is to see that every Republican voter in the precinct is registered, eligible to vote, and casts his/ her ballot on Election Day. You must also work with those voters, Independents and Democrats who can be influenced to vote Republican. To be successful, the precinct chairperson must be a good neighbor.

If you decide to volunteer your time to support your community, we will train you to guarantee that you have the tools to succeed.

For every precinct in the state, the Oregon Republican Party is entitled to elect at least two PCPs in the precinct.  The number of eligible PCPs for each district is calculated according to the number of registered Republicans living in each precinct. For every 250 Republicans or major fraction thereof, who are registered in the precinct as of January 31 of even numbered years, the party is entitled to an additional PCP position.

Why should I become a Precinct Committee Person?

As with any volunteer organization, the Republican Party in Oregon’s strength and influence comes from the people who make up the party. Our party is only as strong as our base and the PCPs serve as the base for the Oregon Republican Party.

PCPs are involved at all levels of the Oregon Republican Party from recruiting volunteers and determining leadership at the county level, to helping to set the party’s agenda in their communities, to selecting the state’s representation at the national level and especially helping Republican candidates across the finish line to victory.

With a strong roster of active and involved PCPs helping the party, we will have stronger county parties, a more influential state party and more Republican victories at the polls. These victories start with a good plan and engaged people to help execute it. That is the power of the PCPs in Oregon for Republicans and why their role is so important. Some of the reasons why people become PCPs are:

  • They care passionately about politics, current events and issues within their communities and government;
  • They recognize a need to do something about the leadership of their party and community;
  • They like to stay informed about issues and party events, as well as personally meet candidates and party leaders;
  • They enjoy participating in election activities and volunteering to help elect Republican candidates; and
  • They want to “put a face” on the Republican party in their neighborhoods and community, help elect local party leaders and set the agenda for the Republican party in their county.

As a PCP, you will:

  • Vote on Party Leadership
    • County officers
    • Delegates to the Oregon Republican Party
  • Have a voice within the party
    • Elect party leadership
    • How money is spent
    • What issues we focus on
    • What kinds of activities/efforts we undertake
  • ‌As a PCP you make a real difference in your community
    • Keep your neighbors informed on Republican candidates
    • Ensuring your fellow Republicans vote in elections
    • Hold party leadership/elected officials accountable
    • Get your fellow Republicans engaged with the political process

PCP Responsibilities

  • Attend our quarterly meetings. (the meeting lasts around 3 hours)
  • Respond to our communication via email, text or phone call
  • Volunteer some of your time in one of various volunteer opportunities. There is no fixed amount of time you have to commit to, though. If you only have time for one hour a month, great! We appreciate any amount of time you can give us!